Lisa jackson-Williams, MSHSA; MSUPP; MSW; MED

Executive Director

Education: Loyola University of Chicago - Education (M.ed); Communication Arts (B.A.); Spertus College of Judaica -  Social Work (MSW/LCSW/ABD); University of Illinois Chicago - Urban Policy and Planning (MUPP):  Jones International University - Human Services Administration (MSHSA)

Roles: Teacher, Principal (20 Yrs), Executive Director of Williams Youth Services (24 Yrs)



Twelve years teaching, two years administration, twenty years of community service in various areas, six years as a coordinator for C.O.S. fraternity involving high school students, four years active service in the Nation of Islam, three years active service in M.S.T.A. and sixteen years [current] in the Rastafari movement.